Our Service and Pricing

Located in Utah, We offer video transfers at an affordable price! We know how precious your memories are.

When you are ready to send your tapes to our team, or if you have any questions, TEXT US. When you are ready, we will help you safely send us your tapes.

Current Prices for tape transfers:

Vhs  to DVD                   $6 / tape

Vhs-C to DVD                $10 / tape

Mini DV/Hi8/8mm to DVD       $10 / tape

Pictures to DVD up to 8x10     $0.25/ea. 

Slides to DVD                              $0.25/ea.

Req. fee to return tapes by mail:  $10

Duplicates at time of service only $4/ea.

min. tapes to send: 3 max: 20 at a time.      any tape over 2 hours, additional $6 / DVD

Digital transfer to a thumb drive is $3 more per tape and $10 for each drive which includes the DVDs as a backup. (holds up to 8 tapes per drive)

(We dont offer transfers of any reels. Prices are for video cassette tapes only)


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How it Works:

  • After we convert your tapes, we will take payment from you when we are ready to ship. 

  • We will mail you your converted videos on DVD's. Once you receive them, we will then mail back your tapes to ensure you received your converted DVD's first!

  • Its that simple! Lots of happy Customers who refer us to friends and family!

  • We transfer the following types of tapes:  VHS, VHS-C, Mini-DV, HI8 and 8MM 

  • Video transfers is what we do!

Best methods

Protect your Videos-

Recommendations and advice

We suggest keeping your tapes inside your home where its temperature controlled vs. Outside like a garage to protect your videos. It's very important to keep your tapes in a controlled environment to prolong the Life of them.

Tapes will degrade over time due to the material usually not being in a digital format. We recommend getting any tapes you have converted or transferred to digital such as DVD as soon as possible to avoid additional degradation of your priceless memories. These are just some recommendations and some of our best methods.
Additional tips
Your media

Quality is everything

Depending on what media tapes you use, will depend on if its recommended to record over it or not.

Quality is everything and we want you to have a great experience with your recording needs.. Lots of times people will want to reuse a used tape. There is a certain number of times a tape can be recorded over. If you exceed this number, then you will start to have problems longterm with its quality of picture.

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